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What is Artifical intelligence (AI)

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Artifical intelligence as a branch of computer science which studies the behavior of intelligent automation, and artificial intelligence based on teorika and principles - principles that includes the data structure or algorithm commonly used in knowledge representation.
Algorithm that is required for establishment of such knowledge is the techniques of ordinary language is handled by artificial intelligence, including the
1. Problem solving in general
2. Understanding language
4. Proving a _ THEOREM THEOREM
Step - turing test steps in AI →
1. Achieving behavior of artificial intelligence that has been known for a number of specific questions

Limitations of them is expert system expert system →
1. limited flexibility
2. unutk inability to do / provide in-depth explanation
3. difficulty in proving a problem
4. difficulties in capturing the knowledge of the issue - the issue at hand.
The difference with the standard computer programs of artificial intelligence
Computer standards => can only solve the problem - problems that have been in the program specifically.
Artificial intelligence => a way to simplify the program, artificial intelligence that can mimic the learning process so that the information sought can be absorbed and used for the future.
- Humans can absorb new information without the need to change the information that has been stored.

Maps 6.66 Change log

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Hero Changes

- Reworked Unstable Concoction

    Razzil brews up an unstable concoction that he can throw at an enemy hero, to stun and deal damage. Once Razzil starts brewing, he can continue for up to 5 seconds. Each second of brewing will increase the potency of the concoction and make Razzil more red. After the 5 seconds, there is a small buffer window. If Razzil does not throw the concoction soon after it will blow up and Razzil himself will suffer as if he was hit by the concoction. Concoction can blow up mid air if fired too late.

    Charge Duration: up to 5 seconds
    Buffer Duration: 1.5
    Damage: Up to 150/200/250/300 (Physical damage type)
    Stun: Up to 1/2/3/4 seconds
    Cooldown: 16
    Manacost: 90

    The longer it charges up, the more damage and stun it deals. Listed values are the maximum.

    Note: This is hero only target spell. You cannot release it if there isn't a visible target nearby (if you don't release it on time, it explodes on you instead, damage and stunning you). After casting, it builds up for 5 seconds. There is a small buffer duration after that.

    Note 2: Alchemist has a red counter that counts down from 5 ontop of his head. Everyone can see this. It will be clear to the enemy when you are charging this.

- Mana Void cooldown reduced from 120/100/80 to 70
- Mana Break scaling increased from 16/32/48/64 to 28/40/52/64

Bone Fletcher
- Searing Arrows cooldown from 2/2/0/0 to 2/0/0/0

Bounty Hunter
- Reworked Jinada

Old Jinada:

Crit: 1.25/1.5/1.75/2.0x
Crit Chance: 15%

Evasion: 5/10/15/20%
Evasion Chance: 15%

New Jinada:
Passive. Adds a critical strike and small maim to your next attack. Has a cooldown.

Critical Strike: 1.4/1.6/1.8/2.0x
Maim: 25% MS/AS for 3 seconds

Cooldown: 22/17/12/7

Blood Seeker
- Bloodrage Rebalanced from 6/9/12/15 duration and 10 cd to 6/7/8/9 duration and 12/10/8/6 cd. HP loss at a constant 20 hp per sec.

- Spiderlings gold bounty increased from 6-8 to 11-13 and XP bounty increased from 12 to 20

Chaos Knight
- Cast Point Improved
- Reworked his Blink Strike (7225)

Reality Rift:
Target an enemy unit. Teleports you, any images you have and the enemy unit to a random point along the line between the two of you. Gives you bonus attack damage for one attack.

Cast Range: 550/600/650/700
Bonus Attack Damage: 25/50/75/100 (for one attack)
Cooldown: 24/18/12/6
Manacost: 50

Note: Chance is weighted, more likely to appear near center +/- 200 than on the extremes.

Dark Seer
- Vacuum cast range decreased from 800 to 550
- Vacuum damage decreased from 60/120/180/240 to 40/80/120/160

Death Prophet
- Witchcraft's movement bonus has been restored (3/6/9/12%)

- Force of Nature's Treants now have 33% spell resistance

- Fiery Soul buff duration increased from 5 to 7 seconds

- Movement speed increased from 300 to 310

- Stone Gaze cooldown increased to 100

- Movement speed increased from 300 to 315

Night Stalker
- Void manacost decreased from 90/112/130/145 to 80/90/100/110

- Lowered Fire Panda armor by 2 points, hp from 900/1350/1800/2200 to 1200 and reworked damage from 52/105/214/234 to 70/112/140/180
- Primal Split cooldown from 180/150/120/90 to 180/160/140/120

Priestess of the Moon
- Starfall AoE increased by 50 to fix issues with it not hitting units on the edge of your attack

- Meat Hook scaling rebalanced. Cast range from 400/600/800/1000 to 550/700/850/1000, cd from 14 to 14/13/12/11 and manacost from 140 to 110/120/130/140

- Cast Point improved
- Decrepify can now be cast on Nether Ward

Queen of Pain
- Base Intelligence increased by 5

- Agi growth decreased from 2.5 to 2.0
- Strength grown decreased from 1.9 to 1.7
- Eye of the Storm mana cost increased from 100 to 100/150/200

Shadow Priest
- Shallow Grave cooldown increased from 54/40/26/12 to 60/45/30/15

- Base damage modified a little from 39-61 to 43-57

- Shrapnel duration decreased from 10 to 8 seconds
- Shrapnel AoE decreased from 450 to 325

- Dispersion now spreads the reflected damage over the number of nearby heroes. So it is the same in a 1v1 case, but greatly reduced in team fights.

Twin Head Dragon
- Ice Path stun rescaled from 0.8/1.2/1.6/2.0 to 1.00/1.33/1.66/2.0
- Ice Path cooldown scales from 16 to 16/15/14/13
- Macropyre spawn speed improved

- Overpower is no longer removed when BKB is activated
- Overpower will not interrupt your movement when cast

- Upheaval cooldown increased from 20 to 65 seconds

- Reworked hero (124153)

Range: 600
Movement Speed: 295
Hero Type: Intelligence

Agility: 11 + 1.3
Strength: 20 + 2.2
Intelligence: 21 + 2.5

Grave Chill:
Visage drains the life from a target, slowing its attack and move speed by 32%. He then gets bonuses equal to those drained.

Stolen MS & AS: 32
Duration: 3/4/5/6 (for both you and the target)
Manacost: 70/80/90/100
Cooldown 10

Soul Assumption:
Visage sends out a surge of agony towards an enemy unit, echoing the suffering that nearby heroes (foe or allied) have taken. For each 130 damage taken around him, his soul counter increases by one for up to 6 seconds.

Deals 20 damage + 60 for each charge.

Max Soul Counters: 3/4/5/6
Cooldown: 7/6/5/4
Manacost: 100/120/140/160

Note: Does not count damage taken from creeps. Charges when either allied heroes or enemy heroes take damage. Damage only has a 6 second window.

Gravekeeper's Cloak:

Visage surrounds himself with the magical energy of the dead, granting extra physical armor and magic damage resistance. However, the energy degenerates with every instance of damage taken and will require time to recover back to full strength. Has 4 layers.

Armor per layer: 2/3/4/5
Magic Resistance per layer: 4/8/12/16

Cloak Recovery: 14/12/10/8 seconds

Instances: 4

Note: This is only affected by player based damage.

Summon Familiars:
Visage conjures up two blind Familiars from the realm of death. Familiars have high attack power but each attack, up to 6, drains their power and temporarily weakens them.

Familiars can transform into stone, stunning nearby enemy units upon landing and regenerating their health and attack power. Familiars give a large bounty (150 each) if killed.

Level 1: Up to 72 attack damage, 300 HP, 1 second stun.
Level 2: Up to 90 attack damage 400 HP, 1.25 second stun.
Level 3: Up to 108 attack damage 500 HP, 1.5 second stun.

Familiars take reduced damage from spells.

Stoneform Cooldown: 30

Summon Cooldown: 160
Summon Manacost: 150

Note: Can only have 2 Familiars up at any point.
Note 2: Stoned familiars are temporarily immune to damage, but they revert to normal form after 7 seconds
Note 3: Familiars will not autoattack enemies on their own, as to not consume their limited attack energy

- Windrunner cooldown improved from 30/25/20/15 to 15

Witch Doctor
- Paralyzing Casks now do 50 damage to heroes on each bounce

Item Changes

- Added a new recipe item (Urn of Shadows)

- Sobi Mask (325)
- 2x Gauntlets of Strength (300)
- Recipe (250)
Total: 875

+ 50% Mana Regeneration
+ 6 Strength
+ Active

Starts with 0 charges. Each time an enemy hero dies near you, it gains a charge. The first charges increments by 2, so it goes 0/2/3/4/5/etc
Each usage of the item decreases the charge by 1.

Each hero death can only charge up one of these items per death, so more than one hero having this will not increase the charges for both of the items.

Can be cast on an ally to heal, dispels on non-creep damage. Can alternatively be cast on an enemy hero to do half the heal (200) as damage over 8 seconds.

Heal: 400 HP over 8 seconds
Cooldown: 10

Scroll of Town Portal
- Reworked mechanics

- The casting time system for scroll teleports are now dynamic.
Whenever a hero teleports to an area, it causes any other teleports to that area to be delayed with extra time based on the number of heroes that teleported or are teleporting there. Each teleport leaves has memory lasts about 20 seconds for that location.

This does not affect teleports to the fountain area (it accounts for rough areas around shop area as well).

Example: First hero teleports to his tower, he takes the usual 3 seconds casting time. Then lets say the 3 other heroes teleport right after. The second one that telports after the original has a 5 second teleport time. Then 6 seconds, 7, etc.

- Teleport location effect no longer lies to the enemies about the landing spot

- Enemies now see the colors of the teleporting heroes

- Increases max range on where you can choose teleport near a building from 350 to 525

- The color of the teleport effect changes if you are in delayed teleport mode. It goes to normal once you have the standard 3 seconds left. So both sides can tell if its a quick or a delayed teleport and time things accoringly.

Aghanim's Scepter
- Added support for Axe. Cooldown decreased from 75/65/55 to 20

Boots of Speed
- Now available in the side shops

- Duration reduced from 5 to 3.5 seconds
- Cooldown increased from 15 to 25
- Blademail can no longer reflect blademail sourced damage

Force Staff
- Push distance increased from 500 to 600

Linken's Sphere
- Properly blocks Unstable Concoction and Death Coil

- Maelstrom attack speed bonus increased from 15 to 25

Planeswalker's Cloak
- Price increased by 100

: Radiance
- AoE damage effect can now be toggled on and off

- Damage block reduced from 40 to 20 when equipped on ranged heroes (50% less block like stout and Poor Man's Shield)

Gameplay & Cosmetics

* Readjusted the -bonus gold/xp system that is given in an aoe around dying heroes from being static unsplit to a dynamic split variation (numbers adjusted as well)

* Rebalanced the creep stats for your creeps when you kill an enemy rax

Old Melee:
XP Bounty: 41
Gold Bounty: 21-41

New Melee:
XP Bounty: 25
Gold Bounty: 18-26

Old Range:
XP Bounty: 25
Gold Bounty: 21-41

New Range:
XP Bounty: 25
Gold Bounty: 18-26

* Added a new small neutral camp (102473)
* Increase the buffer time in -CM from 45 to 60 seconds (This means 15 seconds total for each player, not 15 seconds for each turn)
* Added the new hero death timers to observer scoreboard title
* Reworked Recipe tooltips (128284)
* A text message and minimap indictator is now displayed when an ally purchases a Courier
* Observer board now shows ultimate cooldowns (120509)
* Added a new physical model for Gem of Truesight (124547)
* New and reworked heroes are temporarily unavailable in -CM

* Added a new visual effect when you have the Haste powerup (83240)
* A special death animation is now played when Pudge suicides (17542)
* Improved spawning location code for couriers, to help against minimap icon overlap
* Decreased cooldown on Courier Morph and added a mini techies courier (123947)
* Fixed Inner Beast buff icon
* Removed extra spikes that appear on some (except Leshrac) characters with Aghanims Scepter (11289)
* Added new sound effect for Scream of Pain
* Improved quality of Panda's Thunderclap icon
* Removed the gorge in the terrain near the bottom sentinel lane
* Added visual effect for Huskar's Scepter (20814)
* Some Nighstalker visual improvements (5227)
* Rotated the direction the Frozen Throne is facing (82193)
* Changed Scourge consumable shop model from Graveyard to Tomb of Relics (114591)
* Added hero pick/ban data to replays for -CD mode (same data format as -CM)
* Added hero pool information to replays for -CD mode (Format: Pool+index,id)
* Fixed hero death timer overwriting player name color for leavers

* Added a camera control command (-center) that locks the camera to your hero. -centeroff disables it (Not recommend for regular games)
* Clarified Ward tooltips
* Fixed lots of typos
* Replay Data: host playerid is 0 if the game was created using HCL automode
* Adjusted where the kill timer shows on the open scoreboard. Names are always visible now.
* Some minor code optimizations when heroes are picked
* Invoker: Forged Spirit units are now added to your control group when created
* Invoker: Added an Ally/Observer only visual effect that plays before sun strike lands

* New icon for Essence Aura
* New icon for Darkness
* New icon for Desolate
* New icon for Void (126145)
* New icon for Enchant (126145)
* New icon for Impetus (126145)
* New icon for Nature's Attendants (126145)
* New icon for Backtrack (126145)
* New icon for SA's Blink Strike (126145)
* New icon for Crystal Nova (118362)
* New icon for Death Ward (126145)
* New icon for Divided We Stand (126145)
* New icon for Dual Breath (126145)
* New icon for EMP (126145)
* New icon for Exorcism (126145)
* New icon for Geostrike (126145)
* New icon for Impale NA (126145)
* New icon for Juxtapose (108662)
* New icon for Phantom Edge (108662)
* New icon for Malefice (126145)
* New icon for Reaper's Scythe (126145)
* New icon for Timelock (126145)
* New icon for Timewalk (126145)
* New icon for Invoke Tornado (126145)
* New icon for Last Word (126145)
* New icon for Amplify Damage (126145)
* New icon for Jinada (105435)
* New icon for Track (105435)

Bugs Fixes

* Fixed bug with swapping with Kunkka and getting Quelling Blade
* Fixed Kraken Shell not getting disabled when Doomed
* Fixed an area where you could TP and become stuck
* Fixed a bug with Forged Spirits dying when getting an allied War Cry buff
* Fixed a recent issue with Frost Arrows cast range
* Fixed Eul's movement speed bonus not functioning correctly sometimes (if your hero has a unit morphing ability)
* Fixed a minor bug with Ursa's Enrage + Fury Swipes combo against Vanguard
* Fixed some Ion Shell stacking bugs

New Doom Bringer

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Lucifer - The Doom Bringer
Range: 150 | Move Speed: 300
Primary: STR
Str: 26 + 3.2 | Agi: 11 + 0.9 | Int: 16 + 2.1
Damage: 53 – 69 | HP: 644 | Mana: 208
HP Regen: 1.03 | Mana Regen: 0.65
Attack Speed: 1.51 | Armor: 3

Lucifer was the leader of the Doomguard attack force of the burning legion in the first attack by the dark lord Sargeras. With his original master long gone, Lucifer grants his undying loyalty to the Scourge to finish what his lord once started. Devouring the insignificant for his greed while dissapating the souls of those brave and strong enough to withstand his strength and the heat of his fiery haven of burning earth, Lucifer takes no prisoners and makes sure those who presevere through his wrath die by the agonizing and burning pain of doom itself.

Devour (E)
Swallows an enemy unit for a short period of time, digesting it and dealing 20 damage per second. Each level decreases the cooldown and mana cost and gives bonus gold when the devoured unit is killed.
Gains the abilities of the target neutral creep has until you devour another creep with abilities to replace it.
cast range 300
Level 1 - Gives 40 bonus gold, can only devour enemy creeps or non-ancient neutral creeps that are no higher than level 2.
Level 2 - Gives 60 bonus gold, can only devour enemy creeps or non-ancient neutral creeps that are no higher than level 4.
Level 3 - Gives 80 bonus gold, and can only devour enemy creeps or non-ancient neutral creeps that are no higher than level 5.
Level 4 - Gives 100 bonus gold, and can only devour enemy creeps or non-ancient neutral creeps that are no higher than level 6.
Mana Cost: 60
Cooldown: 60/55/50/45

Scorched Earth (T)
Blankets the ground in flames, damaging enemies and healing the Doombringer. Also increases Lucy's movement speed by 20%.
AOE: 600
Level 1 - Deals 15 damage. Lasts 8 seconds.
Level 2 - Deals 20 damage.Lasts 10 seconds.
Level 3 - Deals 25 damage.Lasts 12 seconds.
Level 4 - Deals 30 damage.Lasts 14 seconds.
Mana Cost: 60

LVL? Death (V)
Dissipates a piece of a target's soul. Deals 250 bonus damage if the target's level is a multiple of a specific number or 25. Can only cast on enemy heroes.
Level 1 - Deals 50 damage, 6 multiplier.
Level 2 - Deals 100 damage, 5 multiplier.
Level 3 - Deals 200 damage, 4 multiplier.
Level 4 - Deals 250 damage, 3 multiplier.
Mana Cost: 85/ 105/ 125/ 145
Cooldown: 8

Doom (D)
The target unit becomes inflicted with Doom. The afflicted unit cannot cast spells (including item spells) and will take damage per second.
Level 1 - Deals 30 damage per second for 14 seconds.
Level 2 - Deals 50 damage per second for 14 seconds.
Level 3 - Deals 70 damage per second for 14 seconds.
Mana Cost: 150/ 200/ 250
Cooldown: 110
Scepter >Duration: 14 seconds >DPS: 50/80/110 >Cooldown: 110 seconds 

Smart EVDO rev.b 3x More Faster.

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Smart Telecom has finally launched its new network that is smart rev.b EVDO which is the fastest network in Asia Pacific. This new network has an 3x speed than the speed of rev.b. but it is only new network in regional trials in Bali, and if the new network is running smoothly it will be extended to an area that has mendadpatkan area of smart service.

Smart Destination network upgrade nothing to enhance the quality of data services in CDMA realm. Previously, Smart operating in 1900 MHz frequency band, relying on EVDO Rev A network is spread across five cities, Greater Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Bali, and Yogyakarta.

"The total until the end of the year, Rev A already exists in 32 cities. Starting from Sumatra to Makassar. However, for the Rev. B while a new trial in Bali alone," continued Ruby.

Smart network trials that took place in Bali using two channels available in 48 base transceiver stations (BTS) of his, which uses Qualcomm's technology and network devices its base station's ZTE.

EVDO Rev B is a Rev A technology development that could provide faster speed, ie up to 9.3 Mbps for downloads and 5.4 Mbps for upload. While EVDO Rev A, the velocity is only up to 3.1 Mbps for downloads and 1.8 Mbps for upload.a

EVDO map in yogyakarta, and What is EVDO

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EVDO is a high-speed access services on CDMA networks, can be said as its 3G CDMA. Unlike the GSM which has 3G coverage is very broad, EVDO network has a range much smaller than the 3G GSM. To be able memeberikan EVDO service operators must build EVDO base stations in places you want to reach. In Indonesia there are only 2 operators to provide EVDO service is the MOBI and SMART. Unfortunately still some areas that can enjoy this service. Mobi new operators have the EVDO network in the area and also jabodetabek bandung, the SMART whereas more advanced level than MOBI than 2 area formerly called smart EVDO Service also has presence in the city of Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Bali.
Now to the point just following the smart EVDO coverage map in the region of Yogyakarta.

Manual Activation for Windows XP Pro SP2

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Few Tips for activasi Windows XP SP2 for you who have not windows activation .... and for you who want to try please follow the following steps:

1. Click Start, click RUN then.

2. that appears, type regedit, click OK then.

3. enter or navigate to this registry!,


key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ WindowsN T \ Current Version \ WPAEvents

4. Right-click OOBETimer, trus select Modify.

5. Replace at least one value to a Windows deaktif. Click OK!

6. Click again to Start, click Run then.

7. Dikotak that appears, type this command


% systemroot% \ system32 \ oobe \ msoobe.exe / a

click OK.

8. Later in the Pop-Up select Yes, I want to telephone a customer service representative to activate Windows, then click Next.

9. Select Change Product key.

10. Key dikotak enter new fields,

Code: (select one)




then click Update. Reply back to the previous view, click Remind me later, trus start the computer.
11. Repeat step 6 to verify what the Windows've diaktifasi. you would get this message: Windows is already activated. click OK to exit!.

GOOD LUCK..................

Speed up Your FireFox (FF)

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For your Firefox browser users ....?
Are you already comfortable with the speed of your browser right now ...?
If not, please follow the steps below:

1. Open your FireFox
2. In the address bar type about: config and then enter
3. Typing on network.http.max-packet filter and click 2x, change digit 30 to 48
4. Typing on network.http.max filter-connection-per-server Click 2x, change digit 15 to 24
5. Typing on network.http.max filter-persistent-connections-per-proxy and then click 2x, replace the 8-digit number to 12
6. Typing on network.http.max filter-persistent-connections-per-server and click 2x, replace the 4 digits 6
7. Typing on network.http.pipelining filter and click 2x. Make sure that the Value column (far right) has turned into a true
8. Typing on the filter and click 2x network.http.pipelining.maxrequests, replace the 4 digit 8
9. Typing on network.http.proxy.pipelining filter and click 2x. Make sure that the Value column (far right) has turned into a true
10. Typescript Right-click on the filter anywhere (provided in the blank)
11. Highlight New, click Integer
12. Type nglayout.initialpaint.delay the column that appears
13. Click OK
14. Type 0 (zero) in the column that appears
15. Click OK
16. Finished, please come out of the tab about: config
17. Refresh your Firefox

Good luck, may be useful...


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Client is a process that actively request service from another process. The server is a process that will passively wait for service requests from other processes, then execute the request, and provide responses to the request.


In this architecture all the processing done on the mainframe. Application code, data and all system components are placed and executed on the host. Although the client computer used to access the mainframe, no padamesin processing this happens, and because they "dump-client" or "dump-terminal". Type model, where all processing occurs centrally, known as host-based. Glance can be found fault with this model. There was a problem in host-based computing: First, all processing occurs on a single machine, so that more users are accessing the host, become increasingly overwhelmed.

• Excess Stand Alone (Tier 1)
Installation of more modest and uncomplicated use karna only 1 host.?

• Lack Stand Alone (Tier 1)
Performance will be slow if all users access at the same time.?
Without the network can not access other computers?
Risk encoding not happen tersetruktur?


Client / Server is also a Tier Two because this architecture has only two levels, one as a client and another as a server. This architecture enables applications on client computers interact with the server through the network. And applications in place on the client computer and the machine, then run the database on the server. And applications in use by the client sends a request to the server and then shipped back to the client.

• Excess Two-Tier
reduce the processing burden from a central computer to the client computer.? This means that more and more users get on the application client / server, file server performance will not decrease rapidly
It can change the business logic with logic persentation?

• Lack of Two-Tier
Lack of scalability?
A database connection is maintained?
There is no code keterbaharuan?
There is no mid-level to handle security and transaction?
to design and implement protocols?
to design and implement a reliable data storage?

C. three-tier
Model three-tier or multi-tier developed to address limitations in the architecture of client / server. In this model, distributed processing in the three layers (or more if applied multitier architecture). The third layer in this architecture each adding specific functionality. Namely:
• Service presentation (the clients)
• business services (intermediate level)
• Service data (data source level)
Services presentation or user interface logic is placed on the client machine. Business logic out of the client code and placed in the middle level. Data services layer contains the server.
The concept of three-tier model is a model that divides functionality into layers, aplikasiaplikasi get scalability, keterbaharuan, and security.

Excess three-tier?
? Connection database can be in-pool and then shared by several users, which will greatly reduce the costs associated with per-user licensing.
Organization has a database of independent, because the data layer is written using standard SQL platform is free.? The company is not tied to vendor-specific stored procedures.
application layer written in the third or fourth generation standard, which has used programmers from the company.?

• Lack of three-tier
Requires lord network bandwidth.?
relational mapping difficult objec?

D. N-tier

Multi-Tier Architecture is a method very similar to Tier Three. The difference, in Multi Tier is made clear the UI (User Interface) and Processing.Yang Data architecture is distinguished by the Business Logic Server. Database Server and Bussines Logic Server is part of Data Processing, and Application Server and Client / Terminal is part of the UI.

• Excess N-tier

The relationship between application layer, middle layer and back-end layer becomes increasingly more clear and unambiguous?
It is also safer security dibandingankan concept of client / server or desktop?
In the event of application development, using concepts like this become much more flexible?
We can provide a rule-the rule is clear to any process tha?t will be used by the application layer

• Lack of three-tier
?It is not efisient
likely to occur bugs?Karna too complexes
It is difficult in sharing the burden.?

What is Web 2.0

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Web 2.0
Web 2.0, is a term first coined by O'Reilly Media in 2003, and was popularized in the first Web 2.0 conference in 2004, and refers to the generation that is perceived as the second generation of web-based services such as social networking sites, wikis, tools communication, and folksonomi that emphasize online collaboration and sharing between users. O'Reilly Media, a collaboration with MediaLive International, uses this term as a title for a series of conferences, and since 2004 some developers and marketers have adopted this phrase.
Although this term seems to indicate a new version rather than the web, this term does not refer to an update to the technical specifications of the World Wide Web, but rather, how the system developers in the web platform. Referring to Tim Oreilly, the term Web 2.0 is defined as follows:
"Web 2.0 is a business revolution in the computer industry caused by the movement to the Internet as platform, and an attempt to understand the rules for success on that platform."
And the development of web 2.0 is more emphasis on changes in the present way of thinking and viewing content on a website. In the development of Web 2.0 is applied as a form of presentation of web pages is of a general desktop programs such as Windows. The functions of the application has to be like a desktop, such as drag and drop, auto-complete, and other functions. Web 2.0 applications are presented in full in a web browser without the need for advanced technology devices from the user.
Examples of the difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 is web 1.0 if the visitors can only read the existing content on the web, so this type of website will look like a bulletin board on the web, and very boring. is not it, if the Web 2.0 in penguna give freedom to make comments on the content, this web type more she loved by the people we are able to interact karna by admin or other web visitors
remains one of the Web 1.0 is the Britannica Online is one of the most comprehensive free website in cyberspace, but the editorial content on the web is held by the parties in the Britannica itself. And we can not comment on or change anything contained in the website, by karna is likely contents contained in this website is not up to date. we can use the information tiak long karna information is subject to change at any time. And the website has only one language is English language so the people who can not speak English should first menterjemahkanya in order to understand.
Unlike wikipedia, the free-style web 2.0 which is now known, and many more students seeking jobs and students around the world. On wikipedia all visitors of this website can contribute, correct, and complete all the content in it, therefore this website will always be up to date because of the contribution provided by web site visitors. And wikipedia has many language versions of the entire world, so who wrote directly read with their language in tau without the hassle for his first menterjemahkanya. This free application that can even be a good learning tool.

70 tips and trick how to use windows 7

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windows windows 7 is a recently been launched by microsft. since these new windows, and also because we are accustomed to wearing long-windows so sometimes we feel confused. by karna I tried to find some tips and trick windows 7. and there was a lot, so I took an article from the memberitaukan about 70 tips and tricks like using windows where 7.

1. PC Safeguard
I rarely let anyone use my PC because I’m afraid he will mess it up, but it seems Microsoft has been thinking at me and came with a solution. The PC Safeguard doesn’t let anyone mess your PC settings, because after the user logs off, the configurations are reset back to normal. Of course it will not restore the configurations changed by you, but only the ones done by other users you define.[ad#social]
To use PC Safeguard, go to Control Panel -> User Accounts and create a new account, then select “Set Up Pc Safeguard” and switch it on. Then you can stay relaxed when others use your computer, because you won’t find anything changed, including configurations, downloaded software, installed programs.
2. Screen Calibration
Fortunately, Windows 7 comes with a display calibration wizard that lets you set up the screen brightness properly, so you won’t have any problems viewing photos or text. The problem was that on one PC a photo could look sharp and bright and on another it looks awful. Now the problem can be fixed by pressing the Win key and then typing “DCCW”.
3. AppLocker
If you are usually sharing your computer with someone else, then you might want to restrict their access to your applications, files or documents. Using the AppLocker tool, you have a few options to do this by blocking other users to access Executables, Windows Installers, Scripts, a specific publisher or path. You can simply do this by pressing the Windows key then typing Gpedit.msc. Then go to Computer Navigation -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Application Control Policies -> AppLocker. Right click on one of the options ( Executables, Installers, or Script ) and create a new rule. That should save you from a lot of headaches.
4. Burn Images
We all had trouble with image burning in Windows, because it couldn’t do it itself, a standalone software being needed. With Windows 7 this will not be a problem anymore. All you have to do is double-click the ISO image and burn it on the CD or DVD that’s inserted in the drive.
5. Display Empty Removable Drives
Windows 7 will not show empty drives by default, so if you connect an empty drive to your PC, don’t worry, just go to Tools -> Folder Options -> View and uncheck “Hide empty drives in the computer folder”. This doesn’t seem like a good idea and it should not be default setting, because it will be hard for inexperienced users to figure it out. I bet a lot of users will return their newly bought drive thinking it’s broken.
6. Dock The Current Windows To The Left Side Of The Screen
This new feature seems useful because sometimes it’s disturbing that windows seems to float like crazy on the screen and it’s hard to attach them to one side of it. Now this can easily be done using a keyboard shortcut. Press the Windows key + Left key to dock it to the left side of the screen.
7. Dock The Current Windows To The Right Side Of The Screen
Press the Windows key + Right key to dock it to the right side of the screen.
8. Display Or Hide The Explorer Preview Panel
Press ALT + P to hide it then once again to display it.
9. Display Gadgets On Top Of Other Windows
Press ALT + G
10. Background Photo Slideshow
If you are like me, lazy and bored, then you will want to change the background from time to time, wasting a lot of time. Now you don’t have to do this anymore, because you can set up a slideshow. Right click on the desktop then go to Personalize -> Desktop Background and hold the CTRL key while choosing the images. Then you can choose the time intervals between images and opt to display them randomly or in a row.
11. Make The Taskbar Smaller
If you feel like the taskbar is using too much of your screen space, you can choose to make the icons smaller. To do this, right-click on the Start button, then go to Properties -> Taskbar and set it to “Use small icons”
12. Combine Taskbar Icons
When you have more windows or applications opened, the taskbar’s space might not be enough for them all, so you need to combine them, just like you would in Windows XP or Vista. To do this, right-click the Start button, then go to Properties -> Taskbar and check “Combine when taskbar is full”.
13. Multi-threaded File Copy
If you are a more advanced user, you’ve heard already about Robocopy. Now it’s included in Windows 7 and lets you perform multi-threaded copies from the command line. You can choose the number of threads like this “/MT[:n], which can be from 1 to 128.
14. Maximize Or Restore The Foreground Window
Press Windows Key + Up Key.
15. Minimize The Active Window
Press Windows Key + Down Key
16. Activate The Quick Launch Toolbar
The Quick Launch Toolbar in Windows XP in Vista seems a very good idea that you might miss when using Windows 7. Fortunately though, you can get it back in a quick few steps. Right click the taskbar, go to Toolbar -> New Toolbar and type “%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch” into the folder box, then click Select Folder. To make it look like it would in Windows Vista, right click the taskbar, uncheck “Lock the Taskbar”, then right click the divider and uncheck “Show Title” and “Show Text”. Then right click the taskbar and check “Show Small Icons” and you should be done.
17. Preview Photos In Windows Explorer
While in Windows Explorer, Press ALT + P and a preview should appear on the right.
18. Desktop Magnifier
Press the Windows Key and the Plus Key to zoom in or Windows Key and the Minus Key to zoom out. You can zoom anywhere on the desktop and you can even configure your magnifier. You can choose to invert colors, follow the mouse pointer, follow the keyboard focus, or the text insertion point.
19. Minimize Everything Except The Current Window
Press the Windows Key + Home Key.
20. TroubleShoot Power Management
Windows 7 can tell you how much power your system uses or provide detailed information about the power usage and issues caused by each application and device. This way you can optimize the way your battery is used, making It last longer. Press the Windows Key and type “POWERCFG –ENERGY –OUTPUT ”, and it will create a file called energy-report.html in the folder specified by you, after observing your PC for 60 seconds.
21. Web Searches From Your Desktop
Windows 7 lets you search for online resources, by adding a connector that be downloaded for free. For instance, go to and download the Flickr connector. After that, you should see the Flickr Search in your searches folder and you will be able to do it directly from your desktop, without needing to visit their website.
22. Add Videos To Your Start Menu
If you were looking for a faster way to access your videos, then Windows 7 has the right answer for you. Right click the Start button, then go to Properties -> Start Menu -> Customize and set the Videos to “Display as a link” and you’re done, you will now find them in the Start Menu.
23. Shift The Window From One Monitor To Another
If you are using two or more monitors, then you might want to move the Windows from one to another. There is a very simple way to do it. All you have to do is press the Windows Key + Shift Key + Left or Right Key, depending on what monitor you want to move it to.
24. Custom Power Button
There is an option to replace the “Shut Down” button with another action, if you rarely shut down the computer, but you more often restart it or put it on sleep. Right click the Start Button, go to Properties and choose the ‘Power Boot Action” to do whatever you want, from the given options.
25. Easily Add A New Font
Adding a new font it’s now easier than ever. Just download the font you want, double click it and you should see the install button.
26. Stretch The Window Vertically
You can stretch the active window vertically to the maximum display height by pressing the Windows + Shift + Up Keys. Press Windows + Down Keys if you want to restore it.
27. Open Windows Explorer
Press The Windows + E Keys to open a new instance of Windows Explorer.
28. Create A New Instance Of The First Icon In The Taskbar
Press Windows + 1 Keys to open a new instance of the first icon in the taskbar. This could prove really useful in some circumstances.
29. Windows Action Center
Windows Action Center offers you important information about your PC, like the Antivirus Status, updates, troubleshooting and provides a backup scheduling feature. To access it, go to Control Panel -> System And Security -> Action Center.
30. Windows Troubleshooting Platform
This platform can help you solve a lot of issues you may encounter, like the internet connection, hardware devices, poor system performance and more. You can choose what to troubleshoot and it will come with some possible explanations for the problem that might really help you. There are a lot of options, guidance and information available there, so give it a try by typing “troubleshoot” or “fix” after pressing the Windows Key.
31. Turn Off System Notifications
System notifications are usually disturbing and aren’t always useful, so you might want to turn some of them off and. This can be done in Windows 7 by double clicking the Notification Area Icons in Control panel. There you can change notifications and icons for the Action Center, Network, Volume, Windows Explorer, Media Center Tray Applet, Windows Update Automatic Updates.
32. Turn Off Security Messages
To turn off security messages you have to go to Control Panel -> System and Security -> Action Center -> Change Action Center Settings and you can turn off the following notifications: Windows Update, Internet Security Settings, Network Firewall, Spyware and related protection, User Account Control, Virus Protection, Windows Backup, Windows Troubleshooting, Check for updates.
33. Cycle Through The Open Programs Via The Taskbar’s Peek Menu
This works just like Alt + Tab, but opens the menu just above the sidebar, doesn’t seem very useful. Give it a try by pressing The Windows Key + T.
34. Run A Program As An Administrator
You can easily run a program as an administrator by pressing Ctrl + Shift while opening it.
35. Same Program Windows Switching
If you have more instances of a program running, simply hold Ctrl while clicking on its icon and it will cycle through all the instances.
36. Auto Arrange Desktop Icons
You can now forget about the Right Click -> Auto arrange. All you have to do is hold F5 pressed for a bit and the icons will auto arrange.
37. Encrypt Removable USB Drives
Encrypting an USB drive has never been easier. Now you can right click on the removable drive and then on the “Turn on Bitlocker”.
38. Turn Off Smart Window Arrangement
If you don’t like Windows 7’s new features that arrange your windows intelligently, there’s an easy way to turn it off. Press the Windows Key, type “regedit”, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop and set WindowArrangementActive to 0. After you reboot your system the smart arrangements will be turned off.
39. Create A System Repair Disc
Windows 7 features a tool that lets you create a bootable System Repair Disc that includes some system tools and the command prompt. To create it, press the Windows Key and type “system repair disc”.
40. Hard-Link Migration Store
The Hard-Link Migration store is only available for new computers and can migrate files, settings, and user accounts. The new Hard-Link Migration Store uses more less disk spaces and takes less time.
41. Turn Off ‘Send Feedback’
The current Beta version of Windows 7 is all about feedback from its testers, but if you feel disturbed by it, there is a way to turn it off. Press the Windows Key and type ‘regedit’, then go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop and set FeedbackToolEnabled to 0. After you restart the computer, it shouldn’t be there anymore. Also, if you want to turn it on again, set the FeedbackToolEnabled to 3.
42. Improved Calculator
Windows 7 features an improved calculator that can do unit conversion, date calculation, gas mileage, lease, and mortgage. Also you can choose between Standard, Scientific, Programmer, and Statistic calculator.
43. Open A Folder In A New Process
Windows 7 opens all folders in the same process in order to save resources, but this means if one folder crashes, they all crash. So if you feel like that’s a risk you don’t have to take, then you have to open them all in their own processes. To do this, hold down Shift, right-click the drive and “Open in New Process”. Now you will be safe.
44. Problem Step Recorder
The Problem Step Recorder is a great tool that can be used in more circumstances. You can turn it on by pressing the Windows Key, then typing “PSR.exe” and click Record. Now it will record all your moves and save them as a HTML document that you can view or write descriptions to it. This can help you with troubleshooting or when writing a guidance or tutorial.
45. Free Codecs Pack
Unfortunately, Windows Media Player still isn’t able to play many audio and video files, so you will still need some codecs. But with the free codecs pack you can download here you shouldn’t have any problems.
46. Start Windows Explorer From My Computer
Windows Explorer opens in the Libraries directory by default. Most of us are used to see the My Computer page instead. To change it to My Computer, press the Windows Key, then type “explorer”, select Properties and in the Shortcut tab type “%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /root,::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}”. Now you have to right-click the Explorer icon in the Taskbar and hit “Unpin this program from the taskbar” and then drag it back from the Start Menu.
47. Clear The Desktop
If there are too many windows on the desktop, you can clear it by shaking a window from left to right and all others will minimize. To restore the other windows you have to shake the active one again.
48. Use Gadgets With UAC Turned Off
Maybe you noticed that once you turn off UAC you can’t use the gadgets anymore, as a security measure. But if you want to risk using them, there a simple way to do it, even with UAC turned off. Press the Windows Key, type ‘regedit’, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Sidebar\Settings and create a DWORD value named AllowElevatedProcess and set its value to 1. Now you should be able to use your gadgets. If not, then reboot your PC and you should be done.
49. Fix The Media Player & Media Center MP3 Bug
Both Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center come with a bug that can damage your MP3s by filling missing metadata automatically on imported MP3 files. This can cut a few seconds from the beginning of the tracks and can prove really disturbing. This problem was fixed by Microsoft using the fix located here.
50. Search Everything In Your Computer
Windows 7 offers the possibility to search all file types, including unknown ones and this could help you in some cases. Though it is not recommended, because it’s much slower than normal search, you can give it a try by doing the following: Launch Windows Explorer, go to Tools -> Folder Options -> View and check “Try to search the content of unknown file types”. If you don’t need it anymore, don’t forget to clear it for an increase in speed.
51. Mouse Gestures
Windows 7 has not only brought gestures for those who use touchscreen devices, but for mouse users too. So, instead of right-clicking a Taskbar icon to access the jump list, you can hold left-click and drag upwards to smoothly call it up. In addition, clicking and dragging down the address bar in Internet Explorer will open the browsing history. There might be more gestures yet not discovered.
52. Configure Your Music Favorites
If you’ve already fixed the Windows Media Center, now you might think of ways to improve your experience with it. The Media Center creates a list of favorite songs based on how often you play them, your ratings and date you’ve added them. If you aren’t comfortable with the way they thought it out, change the way it sorts your favorites by going to Tasks -> Settings -> Music -> Favorite Music.
53. Turn Off Recent Search Queries Display
Windows 7 holds and displays the recent search queries by default. This can often prove to be irritating. No need to stress though because it can be disabled. Press the Windows Key, type gpedit.msc, then go to User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Explorer and double click on “Turn off display of recent search entries”.
54. Advanced Disk Defragmentation
Fortunately, Windows 7 offers much better defragmentation than Vista and also lets you configure it a bit from the command line. To do it, press the Windows Key and then type CMD. You can defragment your hard disk from the command line by typing “defrag” and you have the following options: /r will defrag multiple drives simultaneously, -a performs a defrag analysis, -v prints the report, -r treats files with at least 64 Mb of fragments like are not fragmented, -w will defrag everything. An example is “defrag C: -v -w” to defrag the whole drive C.
55. Make Internet Explorer 8 Load Faster
If you want Internet Explorer 8 to load faster, you need to disable the add-ons that slow it down, so go to Tools -> Manage Add-ons and check the load time for each one. You can choose for yourself the ones you can live without and ones that would increase the load speed.
56. Media Center Automatic Download
Windows Media Center 12 allows you to schedule data downloads, so it can be done without disturbing you. To do it, go to Tasks -> Settings -> General -> Automatic Download Options and you can configure it to start and stop the download whenever you want.
57. Remove The Sidebar
Windows 7 doesn’t seem to feature the sidebar anymore, but it still exists and runs in the background, being launched automatically at startup. So if you want to get rid of it, there are two ways. The easier one is to press the Windows Key, type MSCONFIG.EXE, click the Startup tab and clear the Sidebar box. The hard way is to press the Windows key, type “regedit”, find and delete the registry key at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. This can save you some RAM consumed with no use.
58. Volume Tweaking
Don’t you like that Windows 7 automatically reduces the volume when it detects PC calls? You can turn off this feature by right-clicking the speaker icon in the taskbar, go to Sounds -> Communications and get rid of it.
59. Run A Program As Another User
Windows 7 comes with the possibility to run a program both as an administrator or another user, by right clicking on the executable or shortcut while holding down the Shift key. Then you have to select “Run as another user”.
60. Use Virtual Hard Disk Files
You can now create and manage virtual hard disks files in Windows 7 as if they were real disks. This can allow you to use a live Windows installation on the virtual disk without the need to boot the virtual Computer. To create a virtual disk you have to press the Windows Key, right-click on Computer, then go to Manage -> Disk Management -> Action -> Create VHD. There you can specify the location and size of your virtual hard disk file.
To attach the virtual disk file, press the Windows Key, right-click Computer, then go to Manage -> Disk Management -> Action -> Attach VHD and you have to specify the location and if it’s read only or not.
To initialize a virtual hard disk, press the Windows Key, right-click on Computer, go to Manage -> Disk Management -> Action -> Attach VHD, specify the location, click Ok, then right click on the virtual disk and click on Initialize Disk. Select the partition style you want to use and then right-click on the unallocated space and click “New Simple Volume” and follow the instructions wizard. Now, a new hard drive appears in Windows Explorer and you can use it as a real partition.
61. Remove The Windows Live Messenger Tab In The Taskbar
To get rid of the Windows Live Messenger Tab and put it back in the system tray, where it belongs, go to C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Messenger, right-click msnmsdgr.exe and set its compatibility mode to Windows Vista.
62. Lock The Screen
There is no Lock Screen button in the Start Menu anymore, so you have to press the Windows Key + L to lock it, now. It seems easier, in case you don’t forget the shortkey.
63. Create A Screen Lock Shortcut
In case you don’t like shortkeys or you keep forgetting them, there’s another option for screen lock. Simply create a new shortcut to C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation and place it whenever you want.
64. Enable Run Command In Start Menu
If you miss the old Run Command button in XP, then there’s an option to get it back in Windows 7. Right-click an open area in Start Menu, go to Properties -> Start Menu -> Customize and check “Run Command. Now you should be done.
65. Improve Desktop Window Manager For Nvidia Graphics
Sometimes the animations for Desktop Window Manager don’t look very well and aren’t smooth enough and this is cause because Desktop Window Manager renders effects with no transparency and blurring, but you can turn off animations for more pleasant graphics. Press the Windows Key, right-click on Computer, go to Properties -> Advanced System Settings -> Performance -> Settings and clear “Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing”. Click OK to finnish.
66. Change Default Save Location For Files
Windows 7 is a bit different from Vista, because it saves Documents, Pictures, Videos and Music under the Public folder inside C:\Users. You might not want to save your documents, pictures, videos or music to this location, but create your own locations and you can do it quite easy. Press the Windows Key, Click your username and double-click on the folder you wish to change. Then you will see Includes: 2 library locations. Click on that text, right-click on the folder you wish to set like default and click “Set as default file location”, then click Ok.
67. Make 64bit Windows Media Player Default ( only for X64 users )
Windows comes with the 32bit version of Media Player by default. If you are a x64 user, you can keep the system cleaner by only installing one set of codecs. To do this, press the Windows Key, type “command”, right-click on Command Prompt and hit “Run as administrator”, then type “unregmp2.exe /SwapTo:64?. After that, press the Windows Key, type “regedit”, go to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\wmplayer.exe\, double click on value and change “%ProgramFiles(x86)” to “%ProgramFiles%”. Now you should be using the 64bit Windows Media Player.
68. Open Multiple Instances Of Windows Explorer Via The Taskbar
If you want to run more instances of the Windows Explorer just by hitting the startbar, you can do it by following these steps: Unpin Windows Explorer from the Taskbar, then press the Windows Key, go to Accessories, right-click Windows Explorer, go to Properties and change the shortcut path to %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /root,::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D} ( if you want it to default to My Computer ) or %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /root,::{031E4825-7B94-4dc3-B131-E946B44C8DD5} ( if you want it to default to Libraries ). Now repin Windows Explorer to your Taskbar and you’re done. All that is required for opening more instances of it is just a click of the middle mouse button. If you aren’t pleased with what you’ve done, change the shortcut path back to %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe.
69. Make The System Tray Clock Show The AM / PM Symbols
By default Windows 7 does show the time in 24 hour format, so if you want to get the AM / PM symbols, press the Windows Key, type intl.cpl to open Regional and Language Options, go to Addition Settings -> Time where Long Time is set to HH:mm and change it to HH:mm tt, for example, where tt is the AM or PM symbol ( 21:12 PM ). To change it to the 12 hour format, you need to type it like this hh::mm tt ( 9:12 PM ).
70. Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility Mode
If your websites don’t render correctly, you might need to enable Internet Explorer 8 display them in compatibility view. This issue is because of the updated rendering engine, which causes a lot of trouble. To do it, open Internet Explorer, go to Tools -> Compatibility View Settings and check “Display all websites in compatibility view”, then click Ok.

SQL Optimization

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 can be done in various ways, with the understanding of database performance tuning and best practices from various sources, you can have a strong fundamental in optimizing database performance.
Some of the techniques and methods may require special treatment different, depending on the database you use.
For example, performance improvements can be done from the administrative database like configu ration file and self-service or security updatean pack, which of course each database has its own uniqueness and techniques.
Then, with consideration of compatibility, is there any optimization that can be done in general?
There are a set of methods and techniques commonly applied when working with RDBMS (Relational Database Management System), may not be all that you can implement because the environment is highly dependent on each application, but at least you can use it as a guide and reference to establish a system best accordance with the conditions encountered.
Optimization via the SQL command also plays a no less important. The core of the SQL itself is a command to perform retrieval (retrieval), the addition (insertion), modification (updating), and elimination (deletion) of data, coupled with support functions of administration and database management.
SQL itself is a standard programming language or to the RDBMS. Although called a language, maybe a little awkward when we refer to the SQL programming language, more familiar when the sounds are programming C, Visual Basic, Java, Delphi, and so on.
The languages of the latter included in the imperative programming, is a language easily shaped core instructions. Meanwhile, the SQL included in declarative programming, which is more form sentences or statements.
In its development, SQL divided again in a variety of extensions that gave birth to a variety of titles such as SQL / PSM (Persistent Stored Modules) is a standard ANSI / ISO, T-SQL (Transact-SQL) of Microsoft and Sybase, PL / SQL (PL is stands for Procedural Language) which is used by Oracle, which later developed more into PL / pgsql is used PostgreSQL.
Quite confusing, is not it? Fortunately the concept and basic elements such as the SQL statement, query, expression, or continue to apply the general clause on every SQL extension.
We both ends meet theoretical discussion here, here are some simple optimizations that you can do, to at least fix or prevent problems, and improve the performance of your RDBMS.
The first optimization that we discussed was the problem index, of course you know that the index can increase the search speed in the desired record. However, you must be quite selective in choosing a field that needs to index, since not all fields need it.
Proverbial read books, or scan the search process will read from beginning to end of the page. In the on-field index, search index scan is done, or read on the index, not directly on the table in question.
Meanwhile, direct searches made by reading the record after record on the table is called a table scan.
Is index scan is always faster than the table scan? It did not also, table scan can be run faster when accessing the record in a relatively small amount, or when the application does require reading the entire table.
Instead of accessing a great record in a particular field, index scan can reduce the reading operation I / O so that not infrequently result in faster performance.
As a rule, you can specify the index on the field that is often used, for example, fields that are often accessed by the WHERE clause, JOIN, ORDER BY, GROUP BY.
Defining Data Types
Data type is a problem tricky. In terms of capacity, the type of data that are too small or otherwise too large for a field, can cause a ticking time bomb that caused the problem in line with the rapid increase of data each day.
Determining the proper data type requires precision and good analysis. For example, we need to know when we use the data type char or varchar.
Both contain characters, the difference between char provides fixed storage size (fi xed-length), while VARCHAR provides storage size in accordance with the contents of data (variable-length).
General rule is to use the char data type if fi Eld is intended for the data with a consistent length. For example zip code, month consisting of two digits (01 to 12), and so on. Int used if the data is stored to a variable length, or use varchar (max) when its size exceeds 8000 bytes.
Do not Allow Allow Null
If possible, reduce the use of fields that allow null values. Instead, you can provide default values in the field.
Null values sometimes overlap in interpretation can lead programmers and programming logic errors. In addition, eating a null-byte field that adds an additional burden on queries that access it.
Easy Read Query
Because SQL is a declarative language, it is not surprising if you make a query form nan sentence length, although perhaps only for the purpose of displaying a single field!
Do not let your query hard to read and understand, unless you're going to make anyone dizzy seeing your query. Long queries written in a clear 1baris modification would complicate cation and understanding, would be far better if you write a query in a format that is easily digested.
The selection of large and small letters can also facilitate the reading, for example by consistently write SQL keywords in capital letters, and add comments if necessary.
Avoid SELECT *
Select keywords that may be the most frequently used, because the optimization of the SELECT command is likely to improve overall application performance. \
SELECT * is used to query all the fields contained in a table, but if you only want to process a certain field, then you should write down the field that wants to access it, so that your query becomes SELECT field1, field2, field3 and so on (never mind the source code which grew longer!). This will reduce the network traffic load and lock on the table, especially if the table has many fields and large.
Limit the ORDER BY
Use the ORDER BY to sort the data function, it has the burden of the consequences of adding the query, because it will add one more process, ie sort process.
Therefore, use ORDER BY only if absolutely needed by your application.
Or if possible, you can perform sorting on the client side and not on the server side. For example, by accommodating the first data grid components and perform sorting on the grid according to user needs.
Subquery Or JOIN
Sometimes a single instruction can be written in the form of subquery or JOIN command, you are advised to prioritize the use of JOIN because in the general case will result in faster performance.
However, the query processing is an art, it is always possible subquery to work faster than JOIN, for example in conditions of use
JOIN is too much, or the logic of the query that has not been optimal.

YouTube, Vimeo Try Out HTML 5.0 Video

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YouTube this week announced support for a prototype player that uses HTML 5, and Vimeo has jumped in as well.

The prototype YouTube player is available here, while Vimeo's new palyer can be enabled by clicking the "switch to HTML5 player" link below its videos. Both players can only use the Chrome, Safari, and the ChromeFrame plugin for Internet Explorer.

HTML 5.0 received its coming-out party at the Google I/O conference in May 2009; in December, Google said that it would eventually drop its Google Gears offline utility in favor of HTML 5.0.

For video, HTML 5.0's chief advantage is that it includes video as a supported tag. According to proponents, this allows simplified coding, and the ability to jump in and out of video streams at various places without the need for buffering.

As such, however, the first uses of HTML 5.0 are little more than prototypes. "Our support for HTML5 is an early experiment, and there are some limitations," YouTube said in a blog post authored by Kevin Carle and Chris Zacharias, both engineers for the company. "HTML5 on YouTube doesn't support videos with ads, captions, or annotations and it requires a browser that supports both the video tag and h.264 encoded video (currently that means Chrome, Safari, and ChromeFrame on Internet Explorer). We will be expanding the capabilities of the player in the future, so get ready for new and improved versions in the months to come."

Vimeo's Brad Dougherty also noted that the new player won't work on all Vimeo videos - although about 90 percent are supported - and the HTML 5.0 player is only enabled on videos viewed directly from the Vimeo site. As of Thursday, the Vimeo HTML 5.0 player also could not play videos back in full-screen mode.

"The simple fact is right now h264 allows us the most flexibility to display on many devices and many players with the same file,' Dougherty said. "When that changes, so will we."

Multiple YM

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for all of you who like to chat using IM use, I figure out how YM logged more than one, first I thought it must use additional software for YM logged more than one instance using Multi Mesengger. but it is way easier. want to know how it works.

Follow the manual steps below:

1. Click Start
2. Click Run regedit
4. Click the sign (+) HKEY_CURRENT_USER
5. Click the sign (+) on Software
6. Click the sign (+) on Yahoo
7. Click the sign (+) on the Paging
8. Click File Test
9. In the right pane, please right click on empty space and select the menu New_DWORD Value
10. Replace the name New Value is a Plural
11. Click 2x Plural terebut
12. In the value data field type the numbers 1 (one)
13. Click OK
14. Please exit the Registry Editor
15. Done

Now please open your YM ID, whatever you have

Good luck, may be useful