What is Artifical intelligence (AI)

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Artifical intelligence as a branch of computer science which studies the behavior of intelligent automation, and artificial intelligence based on teorika and principles - principles that includes the data structure or algorithm commonly used in knowledge representation.
Algorithm that is required for establishment of such knowledge is the techniques of ordinary language is handled by artificial intelligence, including the
1. Problem solving in general
2. Understanding language
4. Proving a _ THEOREM THEOREM
Step - turing test steps in AI →
1. Achieving behavior of artificial intelligence that has been known for a number of specific questions

Limitations of them is expert system expert system →
1. limited flexibility
2. unutk inability to do / provide in-depth explanation
3. difficulty in proving a problem
4. difficulties in capturing the knowledge of the issue - the issue at hand.
The difference with the standard computer programs of artificial intelligence
Computer standards => can only solve the problem - problems that have been in the program specifically.
Artificial intelligence => a way to simplify the program, artificial intelligence that can mimic the learning process so that the information sought can be absorbed and used for the future.
- Humans can absorb new information without the need to change the information that has been stored.

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