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for all of you who like to chat using IM use, I figure out how YM logged more than one, first I thought it must use additional software for YM logged more than one instance using Multi Mesengger. but it is way easier. want to know how it works.

Follow the manual steps below:

1. Click Start
2. Click Run regedit
4. Click the sign (+) HKEY_CURRENT_USER
5. Click the sign (+) on Software
6. Click the sign (+) on Yahoo
7. Click the sign (+) on the Paging
8. Click File Test
9. In the right pane, please right click on empty space and select the menu New_DWORD Value
10. Replace the name New Value is a Plural
11. Click 2x Plural terebut
12. In the value data field type the numbers 1 (one)
13. Click OK
14. Please exit the Registry Editor
15. Done

Now please open your YM ID, whatever you have

Good luck, may be useful

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